Thursday, 19 May 2016

                                         Startup Showcase
Listening to the success stories and the journey behind the success is always thrilling and worth learning. We invited some of the most celebrated startups of the country like Urban Dhobi, and Being chef , to have some words with the students of the campus. The session was very interactive and the way that every person speaking on the dais was simply Entrepreneurial.

                                           The ' D ' Team
We present you the team that that can create wonders in every given situation. A team that has the best coordination, a class stature and above all, a high spirit of winning. We all our proud to be called as Decollerites. A name that you have to earn, a fame that you have to build. 
                       Media Coverage of the E-week 2016
Like every year, we had all worked in a tone that would have led us to victory. And the taste of victory was doubled when we came to know about the media coverage of various events that we organised. We were, by the time, had become the HOT POTATO of the City. Every of our activity was adored and admired by the people. Thanks to the National Media for letting us endorse our potential. :-)

                      Visit to 'Shantiniketan'- The Old Age Home
It is rightly said, that in the world......the most precious talks are often deliverd by the people who are aged. They are a vault which comprises of many real life experiences and hold a very stiff past. With the notion of meeting some of the wisest people and to have a collective session of interactive learning, the members of Decoller were sighted with faces full of hopes and a strong will to learn.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

E-Week 2016 North Zone Grand Finale @ VGU, Jaipur
~The theme of E-Week 2016, “Innovative Ideas for a Better World “aimed at enhancing the entrepreneur-friendly environment in India and making it more vibrant ~
Vivekananda Global University, Jaipur in association with Wadhwani Foundation- NEN is going to host the North zone grand finale on 5th March from 3- 7 p.m.
The finale will witness the participation of around 10+ premier institutes, 600+ students and 30+ faculty members.
The theme of E-Week 2016 “Innovative Ideas for a Better World” focused on encouraging educators and students to become ‘innovation catalysts’ by making deep investments in ideas and innovations that guarantee market success. E Week India plays a transformational role among students, faculty, and college managements, as well as parents and the wider community. This campaign platform is primarily created to recognize and promote creativity where innovative ideas can be proposed, shared and disseminated. The week long campaign witnessed active involvement of many organizations that support entrepreneurship - corporate entities; industry captains, experts, non-profits, and faculty leaders to inspire, encourage, and guide students.
The academic institutes will be felicitated with the awards mentioned below
        I.            Premier Awards – Impact
- Highest Impact Institute Award :
- Best Campus Company Award:

      II.            Innovation Awards
- Innovative solutions/venture Award:
- E Week @School Innovation Award:

   III.            E-week Special Awards
- E Week Champion Awards:
- E Week Runners Up Awards:
- E Week Debut Awards:

   IV.            NEN Anthem Video Award
      V.            E Week Premier Impact Awards - Star Faculty
   VI.            NEN Anthem Social Media Champ Award
 VII.            NEN SmartE – The Apprentice Challenge Powered by First Advantage, Challenge #3

NEN E-Week is focused to build public awareness and support for entrepreneurship. The initiative further encourages public attention on today's biggest opportunities and persuades participants to reflect on their role as leaders and innovators. With the ever growing entrepreneurship ecosystem in India catalysed by National Entrepreneurship Network and Indian Govt., E-Week India has become a much sought after annual event among the students and entrepreneurs community. It is India’s largest awareness campaign to build public support for entrepreneurship.
The activities include competitions, expositions, educational movie screenings, and leadership and motivation talks with successful entrepreneurs, panel discussions, business plan and skill building workshops, business and tech bazaars, awareness campaigns and much more.

Trophies at a Glance- 5th in the row

When you are determined to give away all the efforts and bringing out the best in you, what you are left with is something called VICTORY.

4 Awards, 5th time.....National Championship for the year 2016........Many more awards are still to come.


The Winning Selfie

" It brings you great motivation when the efforts you compile, the blood that you sweat, brings you a win. "

The fellow colleges were happy sharing the priceless moments of their win and clicked selfies with their team mates and the task force that they employed for a great win.